About Ethnic Maternity & Nursing Wear

Ethnic maternity and nursing wear is specialized clothing that caters to pregnant & breastfeeding mothers for comfort, style, and functional needs throughout motherhood. It incorporates rich heritage, cultural diversity & inclusivity, offering a blend of traditional and modernity.

About Thaaimay.

Thaaimay is Malaysia’s 1st Ethnic Maternity and Nursing wear and aspires to become a global community brand.

At Thaaimay, we're not just offering clothing; we're crafting an inclusive journey that celebrates the strength and beauty of motherhood while addressing the unique pain points that come with it. Thaaimay is more than just a brand; it has become a trusted companion for mothers everywhere, acknowledging their challenges and striving to meet their needs and desires. It is a brand that is rooted in empathy and understanding, forging a deep connection with mothers as they embark on their remarkable journey of motherhood. Welcome to Thaaimay, where "Celebrating Motherhood In Style" isn't just a tagline; we promise to ensure every mother feels truly heard and seen.

Sizing & Measurements.

Step 1: Check our size guide on our website and each product post for reference.
Step 2: Reach out to Thaaimay's customer support via our WhatsApp hotline for assistance.
Step 3: You can also share your size with us, and we'll send you images of the clothes with measurements to ensure your satisfaction.
Step 4: Orders will be processed only after you've approved the sizing. We're here to make sure you find the perfect fit, hassle-free.

How to Purchase
1. Add the e-gift card of your desired amount to your shopping cart.
2. After checkout, you will receive a unique one-off coupon code via Whatsapp Message which you can share with a single individual.
3. The receiver can proceed to shop on WhatsApp and mention the unique coupon code upon checkout.
4. Any leftover credit can be used at a later date without an expiration date.

B. Size Guide
1. For any tops, dresses, or Kaftans we recommend choosing your size as current bust size. You don’t have to buy one size larger as the clothes are designed throughout the trimesters. Also, for our premium collections, margins are provided on each side.
2. The belly size is not required as clothes are designed accordingly

C. I'm looking to purchase a gift for someone, but I'm uncertain about their size. How can you assist me in finding the perfect gift?
Certainly! If you're purchasing a gift and unsure about the recipient's size, we can assist you with the following options: 1. **Gift Cards**: Consider buying a Thaaimay gift card. This way, the recipient can choose their preferred size and style. 2. **Consult Our Team**: Reach out to our customer support through our WhatsApp hotline. Share any information you have about the recipient's preferences, and we'll guide in selecting a suitable gift. We're here to ensure your gift is a thoughtful and perfect choice, even if you're uncertain about the size.