Malaysia’s 1st Ethnic Maternity & Nursing Wear

Celebrating Motherhood In Style

Introducing Thaaimay, Malaysia’s 1st Destination for Ethnic Maternity and Nursing Wear. Thaaimay operates as an online retail and it aims to cater specialized clothing to the universal desire of every mother for comfort, style, and support during their transformative journey.
Thaaimay is not just an ordinary brand. It embodies the vision of Yotesri, a Certified Pregnancy Yoga Instructor who is not a mother yet but has witnessed the struggles and challenges faced by mothers firsthand. It all began with a simple yet profound thought: ‘I want to make every mother feel heard and seen.’ This unique perspective connected her with the unspoken desires and needs of mothers-to-be, thus driving the creation of an Ethnic Maternity And Nursing Brand that goes beyond personal needs and desires.
Today, it has blossomed into Thaaimay, a name as pure as its mission – to be more than a brand or product but an aspiring global community. Thaaimay serves as a blank canvas, allowing the founder and her team to bring together the diverse elements of ethnicity, culture, and motherhood to create a brand that truly resonates with mothers from all walks of life. Thaaimay ensures that every mother finds something that helps her feel comfortable, confident, and empowered.
At Thaaimay, we redefine the online shopping experience, making cultural maternity and nursing wear accessible to discerning mothers who seek both style and tradition.
But Thaaimay is not just about fashion. Thaaimay believes in celebrating the strength and beauty of motherhood while addressing the unique pain points that come with it. Thaaimay is more than just a brand; it aspires to be a trusted companion for mothers everywhere, acknowledging their challenges and striving to meet their needs and desires.
It is a brand that is rooted in empathy and understanding, forging a deep connection with mothers as they embark on their remarkable journey of motherhood. Join us on this heartfelt journey as we embrace the essence of motherhood together.
It is now yours to cherish and celebrate with style!
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Our Products

Designed to Make a Difference

Discover the answers to your nine-month journey and beyond. Find the perfect solutions to your gifting dilemma. We provide solutions for husbands, friends, expectant mothers, nursing moms, and indeed, everyone.

Thaaimay’s Premium Series

A range of limited, exclusive, and premium collections. It’s here. The highest quality in the history of Ethnic Maternity & Nursing Wear.

Thaaimay’s Collaborative Collection

Elevate your every day with Thaaimay's finest collaborative choices Discover handpicked meticulous designs, digital prints, and unrivaled comfort Thaaimay's commitment to value-centric choices.

Ethnic Elegance

"In your needs, Kaftan has your back."

Ethnic Maternity & Nursing Dress:
"Elegance, tradition, and practicality meet in every dress."

Ethnic Maternity & Nursing Kurta:
"Cultural charm, comfort, and convenience."

Festive Collections:
"Elevate every occasion with our Festive Collections."

Maternity Loungewear:
"Relax and rejuvenate in style."

Maternity Pants:
"Seamless comfort from bump to beyond."

Active Wear:
"Stay active and stylish throughout your journey."

Our Values at

Comfort & Care in Material Selection

Thaaimay is dedicated to delivering the best for mothers because they deserve nothing less! Anticipate superior quality and durability. Our collection guarantees a perfect blend of freshness, comfort, and style, making every moment of motherhood truly exceptional.

Functional Fashion

Celebrating Motherhood In Style! Thaaimay understands the practical needs of a mom's daily life. The collection is infused with ethnic elegance into its designs not just for aesthetics but also for functionality, offering styles that seamlessly transition from professional settings to casual outings, ensuring the perfect blend of fashion and practicality.

Inclusive Sizing and Fit

Thaaimay recognizes the importance of offering inclusive sizing to accommodate the diversity of body shapes and sizes. The brand's sizing options are designed to be inclusive, ensuring that every mother, regardless of her body type, can find comfortable and stylish maternity and nursing wear. At Thaaimay, no matter who you are or where you come from, you deserve to feel confident and seen on your motherhood journey.

Accessible Price Points

Thaaimay is committed to making its products accessible to a wide range of customers. By offering a range of price points, the brand ensures that inclusivity extends not only to physical representation but also to economic accessibility, making quality maternity and nursing wear available to all.

Personalized Recommendations

Thaaimay understands that every mother's style and comfort preferences are unique. Tailored product recommendations are offered based on individual preferences, and extend to various stages of motherhood, acknowledging the evolving needs and preferences throughout the journey.

Compassionate Customer Service

Thaaimay's customer service team is not only knowledgeable but also compassionate. Understanding the emotional and practical aspects of maternity and nursing wear, the customer service team approaches every interaction with care, offering support beyond transactional assistance. Thaaimay is dedicated to making every interaction with the brand positive and helpful. We are readily available to provide additional guidance and ensure customers feel confident about their size selections.

Free Returns & Exchanges (T&C Applied)

Thaaimay stands firmly behind the quality and fit of its products. Offering hassle-free returns and exchanges, Thaaimay ensures that customers have the flexibility to make choices with confidence, knowing they can easily exchange or return items if needed. The commitment to customer satisfaction extends to a straightforward and transparent returns process, reflecting Thaaimay's confidence in the value of its offerings.

Exquisite Packaging

Thaaimay understands the importance of every detail, even down to the packaging. Our pieces are presented in exquisite packaging that adds an extra touch of elegance and delight. Unwrapping a Thaaimay item is an experience in itself, making every mother feel special and cherished.

Distinct Customisation

Thaaimay understands that the needs of mothers are diverse and unique. The brand offers customization options, ensuring that mothers can tailor their choices to meet their individual preferences and requirements.

1st Ever Ethnic Maternity & Nursing Wear Brand in Malaysia